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skipper.gif (18382 byte) In the "Sites" section I have collected several links to sites dealing with topics of general interest concerning Amateur Radio.  Of course this may be only a limited view, you may find other links by searching the WEB with the keyword  'Amateur Radio' or 'HAM Radio', and using any available search engine (for example  Yahoo or Altavista).
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point2.gif (63 byte) 425 DX NEWS All about HAM activities, and many links to HAM Radio sites
point2.gif (63 byte) Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide A good site, plenty of infos
point2.gif (63 byte) ARI The official ARI site
point2.gif (63 byte) ARRL The official ARRL site
point2.gif (63 byte) DXer.Com - Callbooks An interesting site for DXer
point2.gif (63 byte) Sezione ARI di Oriago An Italian club site
point2.gif (63 byte) Ham Radio Online - Other Web Sites A collection of HAM sites you may visit
point2.gif (63 byte) Ham Radio Online Magazine The ON/LINE magazine for HAMs
point2.gif (63 byte) HAM shineline Another collection of HAM sites
point2.gif (63 byte) ITU Official site of the International Telecommunication Union
point2.gif (63 byte) Ministero delle Comunicazioni Official site of the Italian Government Telecommunication Office
point2.gif (63 byte) morse code web site devoted to CW enthusiasts
point2.gif (63 byte) QSL.NET HOMEPAGE An interesting reference for all HAMs
point2.gif (63 byte) Siti Ham Radio A collection of HAM sites
point2.gif (63 byte) VK3NDS Amateur Radio Web Site A WEB site with a lot of links
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